In physics – ‘force carriers’ are virtual particles mediating fundamental forces. It is also a name of a digital techno label from Belarus organised by Pavel Ambiont and Alexei Sfourds.

For us techno is not just a music genre, but an art / craft form merging science and magic. Techno tracks are energetic processes that unfold in time – they can be used both as life power sources and as vehicles transporting you to liminal states.

The first Force Carriers compilation released on 10th of September 2012 contains techno, house and electro tracks by Alexei Usinovich from Navahrudak and Pavel Niakhayeu from Orsha/Horki – and four of their music sub-personalities sometime remixing each other – Alexei Sfourds,  Nieviadomy Artyst, Pavel Ambiont, S4DS.

Our second compilation – Basic Force Interaction was released in Jauary 2013. It features industrial and forest techno by UVL, S4DS, Nieviadomy Artyst / Pavel Ambiont.

Some press links:

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