Report: Pavel Ambiont @ Boiler Room Poland (29.08.15)

Dark Side Of Techno w/ DMX Krew @ Hrodna

Photo report from Dark Side of Techno party with DMX Krew, Dtekk, Pavel Ambiont, Nobel, Kreep, VJ Solar Olga

Photo: Dark Side of Techno @ Hrodna, 28.03.2014

Photo: Robots Don’t Break (22.11.13 @ Shelter)

Photo from Taste The East (28.09.13, Białystok, PL)

Nieviadomy Artyst & Solar Olga @ Taste The East – Original Source Up To Date after-party.

photo by: Studio Wasabi

Photos from Shelter Bar (28.07.2013)

Photos from the Techno floor of Moneypulate It! @ Shelter Bar (Minsk, 28.06.2013)

photo by Alena Yurkevich

S4DS & UVL @ Hybrid Grooves

Photos from S4DS & UVL livesets @ Hybrid Grooves (Shelter, Minsk, 31.05.2013). The event was organized by Grave Board Clan.

S4DS & UVL @ hybrid grooves (shelter, minsk, 31.05.2013)

Photo by Foundamental Network

UVL @  hybrid grooves

S4DS @ Hybrid Grooves (photo by Gran+)

S4DS @ Hybrid Grooves

Photos by Gran+