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Інтэрв’ю: Павел Няхаеў (Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst)


Публікуем арыгінальны тэкст размовы Паўла Няхаева з Наталляй Сакалянскай. Скарочаны варыянт ў рускім перакладзе быў апублікаваны на WebSMI.BY. Інтэрв’ю адбылося восенню 2016.

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Force Carriers present: “Eternal Wanderer”

On the 19th of May 2017 Force Carriers trio will present “Eternal Wanderer” – an A/V tribute to Jazep Drazdovič, a Belarusian visionary painter and thinker.

МЕЧТА 009 – 04.03.2017 @ Brugge, Minsk


Pavel Ambiont (Force Carriers) will play techno & electro on the 4th of March 2017 alongside Jacek Sienkiewicz, Grek, Morgotica, Stress Delivery Service. This is the 9th event of МЕЧТА (DREAM) series marking its 1st anniversary.



FRC-LP-03 – Apex Sphere – Kick Expedition

A new techno release by Apex Sphere is coming soon. We will release his new album ‘Kick Expedition’ on 1st of February 2017.

Report: Pavel Ambiont @ Boiler Room Poland (29.08.15)

Pavel Ambiont @ Taste The East 2015 Conference & Boiler Room Poland

On 28-29.08.2015 Pavel Niakhayeu (Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst) will tell about the Belarusian techno / electro scene at the ‘Taste The East 2015’ music conference Białystok, Poland. The event hosts a huge array techno artists and activists from the Eastern / Central / Western Europe.

Besides the presentation, Pavel will play two livesets: techdub grooves @ Klub Metro on Friday, 28th and an electro / techno set @ Boiler Room session on Saturday 29th.

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pavel ambiont – ‘iter mirabile’

pavel ambiont – iter mirabile is a new track by pavel ambiont that will be a part of his new album, due to release in the autumn 2015.

the track is inspired by ‘Time Machine / Wonderful Journey’ – a painting by Belarusian artist Alexander (Ales) Rodin.

Pavel Ambiont – ‘Pagan & Urban – Remixes’ [FRC EP 04]

Our next release: ‘Pagan & Urban – Remixes’ [FRC EP 04] will feature tracks from pavel ambiont album ‘Pagan & Urban’ [Foundamental Network, 2013] remixed by UVL, Apex SphereSa\Samwel and the author.

release date – this Summer Solstice, 21.06.2015

Mental Force Festival – 22-23.05.2015, Minsk

Two Belarusian labels – Force Carriers and Foundamental Network – are launching a series of electronic music and digital art festivals.

The first edition of Mental Force festival will happen on 22-23 MAY 2015 and will feature a world-known audio-visual duo – Robert Henke aka Monolake (DE) & Tarik Barri (NL/DE) as well as musicians and video artists from Belarus – including three Force Carriers artists – Pavel Ambiont, Apex Sphere, VJ Solar Olga.

The first night, May 22nd will feature audio-visual performances:


The second day, May 23rd: lectures, workshops, artist talks.

Mental Force festival is kindly supported by the Goethe Institut in Minsk.

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Dark Side of Techno w/ HADAMARD