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Alexei Usinovich is from Navahrudak and is currently based in Minsk where he can be heard playing at underground parties and festivals since 2010. He’s been making electronic music since 1997 when he first started to experiment with vinyl records and tapes. Over the years, he has worked within many genres, but his main attractors are techno and ambient experiments.

His current projects are Apex Sphere (techno) and Mozes (ambient/experimental). Alexei is also a member of Force Carriers audio-visual band along with Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst and VJ Solar Olga.  Earlier he has recorded and played as Alexei Sfourds, S4DS, Hobort Hobonski and collaborated with UVL as Detuary.

He has participated in all Force Carriers label compilations and has released METZ EP and two albums here – Kick Expedition, O.S.T.

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