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Force Carriers 1st anniversary: free downloads of latest releases

A year ago we, Pavel Niakhayeu (Nieviadomy Artyst \ Pavel Ambiont) & Alexei Usinovich (Alexei Sfourds \ S4DS) decided to remix each others tracks and make a joint techno release. After pondering the possible release options, we decided to launch a new label – to be able to publish good techno and electro by other Belarusian musicians as well. That’s how the Force Carriers idea was conceived.

So far, the label has released 3 compilations, 1 EP and a podcast. Our future plans: Nieviadomy Artyst album in August / September, a new techno compilation in mid/late autumn and a collab project.

We want to thank all the artists who work with the label – and we’re grateful to all the listeners, bloggers and promoters who listen and support our music!

To mark our 1st anniversary, we’re now giving a free access to 2 of our latest releases – ‘Stellar Obsession’ compilation featuring tracks from several techno / electro projects and a SVWE EP by Parametric (both releases were previously freely available to the Belarusian audience only). Please download them in any format you like (the offer is available till the 1st of September 2013). Of course you can still buy the releases if you want to support the label.

V/A – Stellar Obsession [FRC VA 03]

Parametric – SVWE [FRC EP 01]

And make sure you have our previous releases too!

V/A – Basic Force Interactions [FRC VA 02]

V/A – Force Carriers [FRC VA 01]

Force Carriers Podcast 01: Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst [FRC MX 01]

Photos from Shelter Bar (28.07.2013)

Photos from the Techno floor of Moneypulate It! @ Shelter Bar (Minsk, 28.06.2013)

photo by Alena Yurkevich